Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creating My Own Embossing Folders

I decided I would post my custom made embossing folders that I made this evening. I bought two kits at Hobby Lobby on clearance about a month ago and never did anything with them until now. I am so happy with how they both came out.

The directions are pretty straight foward, but I looked at a Youtube video. I'm more of a visual person.

This is the first one I did. Big butterflies! It was so simple to do. I used cardstock instead of the sheet it came with and it turned out great.

Here is what the embossed image looks like.

For the second one, I used the Paisley cartridge with the image on page 48 layer 2. I used DS to get them all together and for the correct dimensions. I think I like this one even more! Again, I used cardstock instead of the sheet that was provided. I was too afraid I would mess them up! You can always redo with cardstock, not so much with the sheet.

Embossed image of second folder.

Close up image of second folder.

I now have two folders that I can use for my spring cards!!

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